Are you interested in building tools and services to change the way customers create, deploy and manage their applications using Amazon Web Services?

AWS Service Catalog makes it easy for organizations to govern their AWS resources at scale. Administrators can create and manage enterprise resources such as EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and RDS databases. Service Catalog extends AWS capabilities as the place to run your business by giving developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage collections of related resources as a single unit, as well as manage the lifecycle of applications on the AWS platform.

If you are excited to solve problems that are raised by challenging questions like: How do I see all of the resources my application requires in a single place? How can I reliably duplicate my infrastructure between test, staging, and production environments? How should I name my resources so multiple developers and applications don’t conflict? How can I make sure everything I need started correctly, and in the right sequence? How do I manage and operate my application when it is running and how can I make sure things are cleaned up reliably and automatically when something goes wrong?

As a member of the team, you will bring the simplicity of managing individual resources to the task of repeatedly and predictably creating entire groups of related resources that power applications, so that creating and inter-connecting all the resources an application requires is as simple as creating a single EC2 or RDS instance.

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Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience building complex software systems for end users
• Mastery of software engineering best practices, including experience with SOLID and test driven development
• Strong experience on systems and web services and implementation in a environment
• Thorough understanding of Internet protocols, service oriented architectures and internet security fundamentals
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, including mentoring more junior engineers.
• High sense of ownership, urgency, and drive

Job Overview