Broadway Technology is a software company that builds and sells high-performance distributed systems that make the business of trading and transacting money (and other financial assets) easier, faster, safer, and smarter for everyone involved. Our technology makes it simple to create, combine, and extend large-scale, high-performance intelligent systems in ways that were never before possible. As pioneers within our industry, we hire top talent and strive to build the next generation of thought leaders.

Broadway is seeking Senior Software Engineers to develop state-of-the-art C++ applications for our groundbreaking automated trading platform. We are a rapidly growing international enterprise software company built and run by engineers. Our technology makes it simple to create, combine, and extend large-scale, high-performance intelligent systems in ways that were never before possible.

Broadway’s solutions are built on the TOC, our core platform for scalable high-performance distributed computing. For over a decade, we’ve been using the TOC to build intelligent trading systems for leading financial institutions. We’re now starting to leverage the same technology to solve real-time problems across every industry.

You will own (typically multiple months-long) development projects end-to-end at the forefront of one of the most exciting areas in fintech, from conception through support and maintenance, including many fast-cycle version iterations. As part of our remarkably high-performing team of collaborative, talented engineers who thrive on building the most advanced technology, you will have significant freedom and self-direction to tackle a wealth of interesting, challenging problems as we push the technological envelope.


    • Work in C++ and Python to design, implement, and release state-of-the-art components and applications for mission-critical, high-performance, globally distributed systems related to automated trading
    • Produce exemplary code and deliver completed projects on time
    • Create and track project plans and convey status, issues and risks effectively
    • Perform unit and system level testing on your application and all affected systems
    • Work closely with customer-facing technical consultants to ensure that development efforts truly meet customer needs
    • Work closely with technical leads to ensure effective coordination and integration between interrelated projects
    • Play a key role in the development of best practices in software design, implementation, and coding standards
    • Lead and mentor junior engineers

Behavioral Profile

    • Self-starter with ability to self-regulate and problem-solve independently through obstacles in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
    • Results-driven with a strong ownership mentality and drive to deliver on schedule; maintains realistic estimations and escalates proactively when necessary
    • Superior abstract thinking abilities
    • Motivated to learn about new industries, master new technologies, and push technological boundaries
    • Connects code to the business problems being solved and translates effectively across business and technical boundaries
    • Team player who openly shares information, helps others, and is open to new ideas and “going the extra mile” when needed

Track Record

    • Exceptional programming skills and grasp of software engineering principles with 5 or more years programming in at least one industry-standard language (C++, C#, C, Java)
    • Demonstrated success managing development projects end-to-end with significant ownership over technical decision-making
    • Knowledge of at least one scripting language (Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.)
    • Familiarity with SQL and databases
    • Experience with real-time distributed systems and fast-cycle iterations is a plus
    • Enterprise software experience or experience with financial software and/or financial trading is a plus
    • Experience with financial broker/exchange APIs (e.g. price feeds, order execution) a plus
    • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Computer Science or related field


    • We’re not just engineering systems, we’re engineering a company. Preserving our culture is the most important thing to us as we scale. It’s the way we come together to find the best solutions, and how we hold ourselves accountable to achieving our vision: delivering success for our customers and meaningful experiences for our people.
    • Do Something Big: The future promises a lot-the Internet of Everything, smart connected cities, transparent markets, virtual medicine-but these advances require more than what’s possible with conventional solutions. We’ve developed a new way to build distributed systems. For over a decade, we’ve used it to build complex trading systems for the world’s largest financial institutions, and now we’re starting to solve real-time problems across every industry.
    • Blaze Your Own Trail: We’re at an exciting stage-small but growing fast. There are unprecedented opportunities to learn and lead right away. Whatever your goals, from heads-down development to collaborating with customers, from executing and streamlining our business to leading teams, from innovating new products to opening up new industries, or a bit of “all of the above”, we’ll work together to get you there. There is no one path. You’ll have the freedom to follow your interests as they evolve.
    • Solve Hard Problems: The engineering we do is complex-thousands of globally distributed components, vast amounts of fast-moving shared data, continuous real-time analysis and execution, always-on mission-critical performance. It ordinarily takes years to solve these problems (think aerospace or flight control) but that’s not an option for us. Our fintech executes hundreds of billions of dollars in trades each day, so there’s huge value in launching ideas fast. We invent smarter designs and smarter ways to develop and test, so we can innovate in quick cycles without compromising the exacting requirements inherent to the systems we build.
    • Be Greater Together: We tackle problems no one could solve alone, so we’re here to learn from each other. Each insight is a springboard for the next. We encourage disagreement to achieve a greater outcome. But solving hard problems is only part of the equation-we hire people who inspire us and enjoy working together. The result is a team that truly “clicks”.
    • Do the Right Thing: Building a healthy, lasting company starts from the inside out. Our progressive policies and practices foster transparency, integrity, openness, and forward thinking. We are deeply committed to building a company that empowers people, enables them to thrive throughout their careers, and do big things here.

About Broadway Technology

Founded in 2003, Broadway has approximately 100 employees worldwide with offices in New York, Austin, London, Waterloo, and Toronto. Our founders are industry-recognized innovators with advanced CS/engineering degrees and 15+ years leading high-tech ventures. We are a leading provider of advanced high-performance financial trading solutions. Our proprietary software platform is an open, flexible, complete solution for screen and automated trading operations of any size and complexity. We’ve delivered some of the world’s most advanced trading systems to premier global banks, proprietary trading groups, and hedge funds. Our software manages billions of dollars in transactions across five continents daily. We take a rapid, methodical approach to development, and we focus on creating solutions that solve our clients’ immediate needs yet can evolve and scale as needs change. We also believe that creating the best technology is not enough. We have a deep commitment to providing the best service and support in the industry. We partner with our customers to solve the hardest problems they face and ensure they achieve their goals. We are hands-on and solutions-oriented, and we understand that we succeed only when our customers succeed.

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