We’re hiring programmers to join our technical team, building, maintaining and deploying our first product – Origin.

Here are some real examples of what you might be up to over your first few weeks at Altrio.

  • Writing new features across the Rails backend in Ruby and our React frontend in JavaScript, refactoring code to accommodate change and adding or refactoring tests as appropriate.
  • Designing and implementing a permissions model, tied to business requirements whilst maintaining the developer experience,
  • Feeding back and iterating on development and deployment processes for the platform and product
  • Using monitoring tools to identify performance characteristics and refactoring the application for improved user experience.
  • Building and refining internal tooling to support the work of our Data Analysis team – automating manual tasks and improving the accuracy of our tools to save manual effort.
  • Helping decide which features we prioritize, how we structure our work and deliver change to the system whilst building out the product and infrastructure to support our first ten clients.

This is a full-stack role in the truest sense of the term – you’ll have visibility and impact on every part of the product, across applications, security, infrastructure, debugging, performance and more.

As we grow the team, you’ll be responsible for mentoring and working with Junior Programmers and others across our groups, bringing your technical expertise and the energy you have for this element of our business.


We’re looking for a candidate with Rails and JavaScript experience, having worked with a number of deployed Rails applications across the entire stack and capable of writing features that cross these boundaries. Building a truly great Rails and React application will require us to balance new feature build, refactoring and performance concerns and you’ll have had experience of this process before across at least one or two previous roles.

You’ll have a front row seat and learn a lot about getting a business off the ground technically, get hands on experience and contribute your expertise to making Altrio a success. You’ll do thoughtful work, contribute to what we achieve and be reflective about how we improve our product, the company itself and your day-to-day experience.

We believe in programming as writing software, and you’ll go beyond ‘it works’ to Ruby and JavaScript code that is expressive, captures the nuances of our domain and is open to change and extensibility as part of a small, collaborative team.

Communication is hugely important, we’re building a remote-first Calm Company and emphasize asynchronous, written communication in how we conduct business. We want to enable you to do your best work, trust you to be doing it and give you the time and space to achieve it without a wall of meetings in your calendar.

As a result, we’re keen on self starters – this isn’t a role where you’ll be given heavy direction or handholding. We work collaboratively though – we’re here to help each other achieve the best work possible and produce work that’s better than what we can achieve individually.

We think the best work is done when you have time for life, and we’re only interested in sustainable, long-term work that can fit into the time available, without burnout. It’s not that we don’t work hard, but we’re not interested in unsustainable working practices and regular crunch times are a bad sign for organisational health. Our company itself is a product we’re determined to build and iterate on.


The salary for this role is either $100,000 (Programmer) or $120,000 (Senior Programmer) – we will assess relative seniority during the interview process. In addition, we offer health and dental coverage, an employee stock option plan and an annual education stipend.

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