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Elsevier is a global informaion analyics company ha helps insiuions and professionals progress science, advance healhcare and improve performance for he benefi of humaniy

Elsevier is pivoing he business from selling producs (poin-soluions) o a plaform (called he ROS plaform). Successfully delivering on ha ransiion requires provision of comprehensive offerings o Elsevier’ cliens. he plaforms hemselves can never fully deliver on all requiremens laid ou by our prospecs. he Conen & Analyics eam provides services ha ensure we are sraegically posiioned o be parners of he leading insiuions, funders, and governmens ha we need o serve.

In his unique Daa Science role, you and your eam will grow our business hrough cusomer-driven innovaive offerings. You will be enrused wih esablishing auhoriy of our research analyics and daa services. Our cusomers include presigious/imporan o sociey organizaions such as NSF, European commission, UN, UNESCO. Our eam members are insrumenal in driving he decision-making process around research funding.

We are looking for a creaive, echnical, analyical and ambiious individual wih a srong personal drive o conribue o he furher growh and professionalizaion of he Research Inelligence suie o suppor he overall Elsevier Research Plaforms sraegy and growh ambiions.

You will manage he sandardized offerings in he porfolio of he eam, consising of a raw daa service, APIs and analyical plaforms. his means coordinaion wih eams hroughou he organizaion ha develop and mainain he producs

You will work in close collaboraion wih your colleagues in he Daa Science eam and ohers in he Funding & Conen Analyics eam, oher eams involved in he Research Inelligence suie and oher sakeholders o build, evolve and mainain our daa infrasrucure, develop new mehodologies and indicaors, and provide analyical oupu for and wih oher eam members and cliens direcly

Educaion, Knowledge, Skills and Experiences

  • Experience in daa analysis, using relaional daabases, EL processes, web services and applicaion or library developmen and analyical reporing
  • Experience in using Big Daa ools such as Spark is preferred.
  • Proven experience in dealing wih large (big) daa ses and daabase plaforms is required
  • Experience wih Pyhon, R and Julia.
  • Solid and proven analyical skills, combining srong eye for deails wih a good holisic view
  • Passion for analyzing big daa and an undersanding of bibliomerics or scienomerics
  • Graduae Degree in a numerical field of research-Preferred

Elsevier is an equal opporuniy employer: qualified applicans are considered for and reaed during employmen wihou regard o race, color, creed, religion, sex, naional origin, ciizenship saus, disabiliy saus, proeced veeran saus, age, marial saus, sexual orienaion, gender ideniy, geneic informaion, or any oher characerisic proeced by law. If a qualified individual wih a disabiliy or disabled veeran needs a reasonable accommodaion o use or access our online sysem, ha individual should please conac 1.877.734.1938 or [email protected]

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