Data engineering at EQ means you’re working in the hottest areas of today’s technology landscape: machine learning, big data, and geolocation data sets. You will be coming up with solutions to derive actionable insights about behavior, demographics, and personality out of our multi-terabyte dataset of location data. Examples of the type of analysis we do include:

  • Understanding what university students do during the summer holidays.
  • Predicting if someone is about to buy a house based on their visiting locations
  • Understanding someone at the airport is a business or leisure traveler.
  • And more.

Your role will involve working very closely with our CTO, data scientists, and the extended product team. With EQ leading the pack for location ad analytics in Canada and a top North American player – this role would let you define and shape the standards in this very vibrant and evolving industry.

  • Understand our current data sets and models and help us discover new ways to enrich the data
  • Creatively extracting real-world behavior and trends out of the location data
  • Monitor and build processes for cleaning up inbound data
  • Dream up a solution, perform the R&D, and deploy to production within our fluid work environment


  • Ability to work with large amounts of data
  • Experience with map-reduce frameworks – Hive, Hadoop, and Spark (Elastic Map Reduce would be a plus)
  • Firm grasp of statistics, data modeling, and designing algorithms


  • Cloud service credits (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean)
  • Public Transit allowance
  • Mobile data allowance
  • Flex days
Job Overview

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