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Treasure Data began by offering data warehousing and processing services; since then we’ve moved further up the value chain with our Customer Data Platform application (CDP), which is seeing a lot of traction with customers new and old. This growth has prompted a greater focus on consistent improvement in our development and operational practices, and we’re looking to add new experienced members to our team who can play an essential role in maturing the company’s approach to engineering excellence

About the Role

Software developers at Treasure Data participate in design of features and deliver technical work using correct and clean code, with guidance from more senior developers. They are self-sufficient in at least one large area of the system with a high-level understanding of other components. They break down their work into smaller deliverables in order to make continuous progress towards their goals, and know when to ask for help when they run into trouble. Our software developers run what they build, providing on-call support in their area and being able to recognize and escalate issues with systems they are not familiar with.

In this role, you will plan your implementation and testing, solicit feedback on your plan, and then deliver an implementation which other team members are able to understand and maintain by looking at your code, comments, and documentation, as well as the metrics and other instrumentation you will build into it. Your implementation will include unit and integration tests as well as any other types of test that are important for guiding your work. Of course, your work will be deployable and manageable throughout its life cycle.

Perhaps most importantly in the long run, in this role you will learn, solicit feedback, and grow via pairing, design review, and code review. You will learn about how your work fits into the larger project so that you can identify your own requirements and start to scope larger and more impactful work.

About You

We are looking for team members who are active learners, and exhibit empathy: You learn from your successes and your failures, you focus on growth, and you hone your and others’ ability to put yourself (and themselves) in someone else’s shoes. That doesn’t mean being selfless, but does mean thinking about others frequently!

You help others and make both their lives and their work better. In your recent career, you have been tackling goals that take 2-6 weeks to complete, including breaking them down and working backwards to find the best way forward. You are reasonably self-organized (ie, beyond the first couple weeks, you won’t need day-to-day instruction and guidance, but rather week-to-week).

You make steady progress on tasks and know when to ask for help to get yourself unblocked. You rarely make the same mistake three times, because you learn quickly and do not constantly need significant course correction from more senior engineers. You use feedback and questions to make sure that you understand the goals you’re being asked to accomplish, including what the problem is as well as constraints and limitations. You understand and make well-reasoned design decisions and tradeoffs most of the time, and can always explain your thinking about the tradeoffs and decisions you have made.


Work with other developers in your team to write testable, maintainable, operable code that delivers features that are valuable to the business and reduces overall risk by planning for rapid iteration.

*With team leadership and the Product team, help define and drive the product roadmap.

*Work with other Audience Team members and the SRE team members to improve the delivery of systems that are manageable throughout their life cycle in production.

*Contribute to customer-focused choices between maintaining and improving existing systems vs the design and implementation of new systems to improve resiliency and operability of the Treasure Data Customer Data Platform.

*Work with other Audience Team members and the Product team to improve the customer’s day-to-day experience.

*Work with Customer Success and Sales Engineering teams to directly solve customer problems and pain points.

*Gain experience building applications on top of high performance streaming compute systems and query engines, using that experience for further improvement of the Treasure Data product.

*Work with Backend and SRE team members to improve the delivery of tested systems to production.

*Participate in on-call rotation with other members of the Audiences team.

We particularly want to talk to you if your background includes

*Strong Software Engineering experience, with an ability to work in multiple programming languages (we use Java, TypeScript, Kotlin, and Ruby).

*We typically see profiles with the right experience after three or more years of relevant work experience.

*Experience with distributed systems and operating them as they scale, including understanding their common failure modes.

*Experience with distributed streaming compute platforms like Flink and Spark, and streaming data platforms like Kafka and Kinesis.

*Experience operating services running in the cloud on AWS, or other clouds or virtualized API-driven platforms along with a clear knowledge of how they differ.

*Articulate and collaborative with strong spoken and written English language abilities.

*A track record of goal-oriented and rapid learning.

*Demonstrated ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a specialized team.

*Ability to slow down and communicate clearly and effectively across language barriers.

*You are a student of complex systems theory and how to build resilient and adaptive systems.

*You have experience working in highly distributed teams, across large time zone differences

*You have experience iterating upon and measuring the business impact of rapid deliveries to production systems

About Employment With Us

You can expect a work environment where the team is collaborative and open to your ideas, while we keep our collective eye on supporting our customers’ needs. Our team is committed to technical innovation in our product and in the world through customer collaboration, open-source projects, and by continuing to make our product an integral part of our customers’ growth and success. We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Agencies and recruiters, we cannot consider your candidate(s) without a contract in place. Any resumes received without having an active agreement will be considered gratis referrals to us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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